>"Arabanla geçtiğin yerden bir de bisikletinle geç; duy orayı, hisset... " Ahmet S. Özenir


Our association was established basically to ensure effective use and improvement of non-governmental efforts  about biking, and to that end, to cooperate with public and private bodies as well as domestic and international real persons and legal entities, to promote assistance among the associations of similar objective, to receive and grant assistance, to get bicycle roads and stands blazed, to develop new projects, to get engaged in sport, cultural and educational activities, to organize domestic and international rides, festivals, races, events and shows, to take part in environmental and social platforms, to reward successful efforts, and to accept contributions in cash and in kind, where necessary.

Our head office is located in Mersin; however our association has right to open branches both at home and abroad.

We are mainly active in social and sports-related areas.

Every real person or legal entity who has legal capacity, acknowledges objectives and principles of our association, and fulfills all such requirements as provided for in applicable legislation can affiliate to our association.


Mersin Association of Bike Travellers [Mersin Bisikletli Gezginler (MBG) in Turkish], was founded in 2002 by “quite few number of bicycle lovers who thought the life would be much more beautiful with bicycle, and who were in love with  human being, nature and the city in which they lived”.

Departing with such number of friends that one can count on the fingers of one hand, we have always endeavored to keep people fit by setting them in motion thanks to biking sports, to protect the environment by avoiding utilization of fossil fuel, to reduce the burden on the city traffic by avoiding unnecessary use of our bikes, thus to make more saving in our personal budgets, and most importantly to strengthen our ever-weakening human relations by being much more social.

We have also tried to enrich our cultural understanding by getting familiar with the human relations and nature of the destinations of our tours. Our efforts have therefore been dedicated to contributing to a new way of life, which can be characterized as healthy, environment-friendly, affordable, city-friendly, and socially and culturally rich.

As a result of our perennial efforts, we have increased the number of people who adopt the “life with bicycle”, which in turn has naturally given rise to the issues that bikers face. The willingness to overcome these issues and to ameliorate the prevailing conditions of the bikers in urban life was our primary motivation to establish this association.

In this context, we, as MBG, are in effort to act as a spokesman of those who have already adopted or will be adopting the life with bicycle as well as the urban and environment, providing consistent solution suggestions.

Subsequent to the process of consideration, our founders finalized the establishment-related procedures, and declared its existence after being registered by Mersin Governorship of the Turkish Republic on 14.11.2012.


Ahmet Salih Özenir, Kürşat Akıncı, İstemi Kerem, Dilek Günsür, Levent Önder, Faruk Nuhoğlu, Adnan Murat Sümen, Hakan Topal, Hasan Güzel, Atilla Hanifi Avcıoğlu, Kemal Şimşek, Cem Taftaf, Şule Başıbüyük, Sercan İngilok, Esma Alişan, Cem Cebrail Tunç, Murad Düzgün, Nadire Bahar Koluksuz, Fatma Ortaç


Founding Chairman: Ahmet Salih Özenir.

We are grateful to the members of our antecedent organization, MBG Group, and to the founding members of our association (Mersin Association of Bike Travellers) as they paved the way for us to generate solutions to both today’s and future’s problems associated with human being, environment and urban life. We also express our gratitude to those who have contributed to our association over the course of establishment and development.

Up to now, we have been involved in activities aimed at increasing recognition of our association, introducing the benefits of life with bicycle to the society, solving the problems of bikers, notably those related to bicycle roads and stands, and also training activities concerning safe biking. Furthermore, we have produced social responsibility projects and supported ongoing ones. We still make vigorous and planned efforts in order to ensure that bicycle lovers enjoy better opportunities in the near future. In this regard, our members are expected to share their part in our association’s activities.

As of 28.05.2014, our association has 81 members, all of whom are active bikers.

The head office of our association, named as “MBG House” is used for meeting and training purposes.





Born in 1962 in Mersin, Mr. Ahmet Salih Özenir got acquainted with bicycle at his young ages. Bicycle was his best friend during his childhood and youth. After a short period of dealing with mountain climbing, he started to deal with nature cycling in 1999. He has served as a tour guide at almost 400 events organized under the name of MBG since the establishment of our association in 2002. Both during these events and in his social life, he has insistently tried  to promote the “life with bicycle”. As he realized that his efforts did not remain unreturned, Mr. Özenir started to put the most of his time at the disposal of the “life with bicycle” after retiring from the Kromsan Factory. Currently acting as Mersin Provincial Representative of Bicycle, Mr. Özenir has two daughters.